More About Me

A Lifetime Seattle Area Resident:

I’m a lifetime resident of the greater Seattle area, and I know Seattle very well. I spent my childhood growing up in Edmonds, and then as an adult, I migrated south to Seattle where I spent several years living in the U-District, Wallingford and Lakewood before eventually settling in the Upper Rainier Beach neighborhood. I’ve been here for over three decades.

I cherish my role as a parent and over the years, I was an assistant soccer coach with the Mt. Baker/Lakewood league, a Rainier Little League coach, I volunteered with several school chess teams, supported youth in several orchestras, conducted an annual “bus tunnel” field trip for fourth graders, and was a very patient ballet parent (I even took on the challenge of styling my daughter’s hair into the required traditional ballet-bun one time – note “one time!”). I’ve spent many “dad hours” driving carloads of kids EVERYWHERE in Seattle.

And as a family, we love to explore as well, and on a regular basis you can find us in every corner of this wonderful city we call home. When you get to all the magnificent neighborhoods Seattle has to offer, you know firsthand why Seattle is often ranks as a “best place to live.”

Knowing the city has helped me in selling homes in just about every area of town – north, south, east, and west in areas bordered from Everett to the North, south as far as Tacoma, the Cascade foothills to the east, and the Puget Sound to the West.

A Real Estate Agent:

I joined Windermere’s Mount Baker office in 2003 and since that time I’ve sold over 200 homes. I discovered real estate is a perfect match for my professional background and experience and I love the work I do each day. Real estate provides me with a winning combination as a career – it supports my love for working with people, gives me an opportunity to use my architectural background, feeds my imagination (that “vision” thing), supplies me with countless ways to work with numbers (pun intended!), piques my curious mind with investigative work regarding property, and it nurtures that sense of pride we all get when we know we’ve done a good job helping others.

As a broker, I don’t regard myself as someone simply working in sales, rather I consider the work I do as a service. I’ve been in the field long enough now that I get most of my business through referral; a testament to my commitment in providing the kind of service that benefits my clients in the best way possible.

A Career in Architecture:

A Career in Architecture (licensed Architect from 1990 thru 2001, worked in the field from 1973 thru 2003):

I arrived to Windermere with 30 years of experience in Architectural design -- a great advantage to my clients. As a graduate from the School of Architecture in 1978, I can help you imagine a home’s potential and share ideas for any future remodel. I’m also very strong in the building and zoning codes so I can help to insure your creative ideas are realistic ones. During my years in real estate, I’ve helped clients with tasks like:

The design of new homes and simple to complex stud-up remodels including order-of-magnitude estimates;
Arranging for survey work for properties;
Managing the lot-boundary adjustments and short-plats for clients;
Meeting with City and County officials on clients behalf regarding a wide variety of subjects.

Please note that I was a licensed Architect from 1990 to 2001 and had chosen not to renew my Architectural license since becoming a licensed real estate broker.

Your Source for Information and Specialties:

Drawing from both my personal connections and from Windermere’s experience, I’ve developed relationships with professionals who provide trustworthy and quality service (contractors, roofers, architects & engineers, surveyors, inspectors, bankers, title companies, escrow groups, mortgage brokers . . .). I can help you determine what type of work needs to be done and share names of people who provide those services.